Welcome to the Web site of the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges (CCSC). Whether you are a member of the Consortium, a participant in one of the regional conferences, or a professor or student with an interest in the issues pertaining to college computing, our hope is that you will find these pages informative and useful. Information regarding the regional conferences sponsored by the consortium is of particular interest.

About the Consortium

The purpose of the Consortium is to promote the betterment of computer-oriented curricula in two- and four-year colleges and universities; to improve the use of computing as an educational resource for all disciplines; to encompass regional constituencies devoted to this purpose; and to promote a national liaison among local, regional, and national organizations also devoted to this purpose. Predominantly these colleges and universities are oriented toward teaching, rather than research.

The Consortium holds meetings in conjunction with other computer education organizations, on its own, and sponsors sessions and tracks at such meetings. The annual meeting of the membership is held in conjunction with the ACM/SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education.

Annual Business Meeting

All members and those interested in joining CCSC are invited and welcome to attend the Annual CCSC Business meeting on Friday, March 6th at 6pm at the SIGCSE 2015 Symposium in Kansas City.

From the President

As I was preparing to write this letter one of those coincidences that make life so interesting happened. The phone rang and a former student was on the other end. After some small talk he said, “I have a computer science question for you?” He was exploring how Bitcoins worked and proceeded to describe the Byzantine Generals Problem, Satoshi Nakamoto’s solution, how the solution allows a monetary currency to be implemented, and how the same solution could be used to build a secure network. Somewhere deep into his description he stopped to say, “I must be boring you.” My verbal reply was that the discussion was fascinating. However, I was thinking, “Wow, we won with this young man!” My colleagues and I had given him more than just the skills needed to get a job.

I relate this story because as CCSC members I know you will identify with my emotions and because it relates directly to the mission of the CCSC – to support computing education at the collegiate level. We all find our various computing disciplines intriguing and long to pass on to our students not only our knowledge but our passion also. CCSC supports this desire in two main ways. First, CCSC supports accessible conferences that are organized on a regional level and provide computing educators with the opportunity to network with colleagues from across the country. Our ten regional conferences are spread across the United States and occur throughout the academic year. Those attending a CCSC conference have the opportunity to both visit with and collaborate with colleagues who have similar interests. Second, we publish the proceedings of each conference in the Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, which is a compendium of shared computing education knowledge and experiences.

As we start the spring semester, I challenge you to involve yourself in at least one CCSC activity this spring. Starting with the Southwest Conference in late March and running through the Northeast Conference in mid-April the Southwest, Central Plains, South Central, Midsouth and Northeast regions all have conferences. Pick out a conference and attend. We all are doing interesting things in our classrooms and we all benefit from a discussion of what is happening in our classrooms. Fall conferences have all published calls for papers. Pick something you are doing and share it by writing a paper, conducting a tutorial, or proposing a panel discussion. Bring your students to a conference to participate in a contest or just to learn from the presentations. Additional information on conferences and calls for papers can be found on the CCSC web site at www.ccsc.org.

Additional opportunities include the Annual CCSC Business meeting which occurs on Friday evening March 6 during the SIGCSE conference in Kansas City, Missouri. Make plans to attend. Elections for regional representatives from the Northwest, South Central and Southeastern regions occur this spring. Nominations should be sent to the CCSC Vice-President, Hala ElAarag, who serves as the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee, or brought from the floor at the business meeting on March 6th. Nominate someone or volunteer to serve by nominating yourself.

I plan to be at SIGCSE and two of the regional conferences this spring. Join me! I look forward to visiting.

Scott Sigman, CCSC President
January 2015

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