Welcome to the Web site of the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges (CCSC). Whether you are a member of the Consortium, a participant in one of the regional conferences, or a professor or student with an interest in the issues pertaining to college computing, our hope is that you will find these pages informative and useful. Information regarding the regional conferences sponsored by the consortium is of particular interest.

About the Consortium

The purpose of the Consortium is to promote the betterment of computer-oriented curricula in two- and four-year colleges and universities; to improve the use of computing as an educational resource for all disciplines; to encompass regional constituencies devoted to this purpose; and to promote a national liaison among local, regional, and national organizations also devoted to this purpose. Predominantly these colleges and universities are oriented toward teaching, rather than research.

The Consortium holds meetings in conjunction with other computer education organizations, on its own, and sponsors sessions and tracks at such meetings. The annual meeting of the membership is held in conjunction with the ACM/SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education.

Notice of Annual Business Meeting

All members and those interested in joining CCSC are invited and welcomed to attend the Annual CCSC Business meeting on Friday, March 4, 2016, at 6pm at the 2016 SIGCSE Symposium in Memphis, TN.

From the President

This fall presents CCSC members with the opportunity to reflect on our past, to celebrate our present, and to look forward to our future.

The first Saturday in August I drove three hours to attend a CCSC: Central Plains Conference Committee meeting. The meeting has become an end-of-summer ritual over the last twenty years. This meeting marks the start of the final push to be ready for the fall semester and the passing into memory of vacation. I enjoy attending the yearly meeting. It is a time to renew acquaintances, to make new acquaintances, and to engage in the initial planning for the year’s conference. A reward comes from this work that is hard to express in words. Suffice it to say, I find the meeting invigorating and the work that follows rewarding.

My attitude about this is not unique. Each year scores of CCSC members from our 10 regions convene to plan the region’s conference and then invest countless hours in bringing the conference to a successful conclusion. All of us are already busy. So, why do we do so?

Let me suggest we do so because we are CCSC members. At heart we are scholars and the hallmark of a scholar is the desire to not only learn, but to also share what they have learned. Our conferences give us the opportunity to network with colleagues, to learn, to share, and to support our students in various activities. Hence, we find our CCSC work rewarding and worthwhile. In doing so at the individual level, we define corporately what the CCSC currently is, what it has been, and what it will be in the future.

On October 2 & 3 we will celebrate our 30th anniversary at the CCSC: Midwestern Conference in Evansville, Indiana. All the conferences, all the networking, and all the sharing started in 1985 in Indiana. Come and join us as we celebrate our past. If you cannot make the trip to Evansville, the Rocky Mountain Conference meets the same weekend in Cedar City, Utah, the Northwest Conference meets October 9 & 10 in Seattle, the Eastern Conference meets October 23 & 24 in Galloway, New Jersey, and the Southeastern Conference meets November 6 & 7 in Salem, Virginia. Pick a fall conference and join the fun.

In addition to celebrating our past this fall, we are also looking forward to the future. At my request the Board of Directors formed a Commission on Future Directions. The charge of the Commission is to:

  1. Investigate and analyze the drop in submissions to conferences, drop in conference attendance and the corresponding drop in CCSC membership.
  2. Analyze the current organization and potential modifications of our geographic regional structure with a view toward maximizing both conference attendance and conference submission rates.
  3. Provide appropriate definition of our publication functions to enable an eventual transition to different leadership.

Commission members are Jeff Lehman, Midwest Representative (chair), Lawrence D’Antonio, Northeastern Representative, Megan Thomas, Southwestern Representative, Kevin Treu, Southeastern Representative, and Deborah Hwang, Webmaster. The Commission will deliver a preliminary report to the Board at its fall board meeting on October 8 in Seattle and deliver its final recommendations at the spring board meeting in March.

It promises to be a busy fall as we reflect on our past during the Midwest Conference, celebrate our present at all the fall conferences, and look forward to the future through the work of the Commission. Join us. Become involved. It is our involvement that defines who we as the CCSC are!

Scott Sigman, CCSC President
August 2015

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