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Programming Contest


Brought to you in part thanks to generous contributions from Cerner Corporation and Upsilon Pi Epsilon.


Are your students the best in the land? Or at least in the Central Plains conference? Find out by entering CCSC:CP's annual Programming Contest!!   But first, just to prepare you for the rigors ahead,  you can scope out the (potential) competition, by seeing how participants fared, in 2017.



Team Composition:

Generally, there must be exactly 3 students per team, but an institution may have one team of 2 students. No more than one graduate student per team is allowed. Team members must be enrolled for at least 6 hours at their institution.




The official contest languages are C, C++,  Java and Python.




One computer with the following:

  • Compilers for C, C++, Java, and Python
  • Variety of IDEs
  • Contest management software
  • Login account SUSE Linux and
  • Windows 7 operating systems
  • Desk and chairs
  • Access to a printer (but request a runner to fetch printouts)
  • Access to contest scoreboard
  • One copy of the problem set
  • Five hours of time to solve the problems



Multiple Teams From Same School:

The goal of the contest is to have participation from as many schools as possible. No “second teams” will be entered unless all schools wanting to participate have sent at least one team. In that case, “second teams” will be accepted in the order of registration. No “third teams” will be accepted until all teams wanting to send a second team have done so. We do not anticipate room for any fourth teams.



Official Rules:

We will be using the ACM ICPC rules.



Entry Fee:

There will be a $20 per team member registration fee. Each member of a programming team MUST be registered INDIVIDUALLY in order to expedite the registration process and ensure participation. Fees may be paid on the conference registration site or by cash or check on the day of the conference. The fee covers Saturday’s luncheon, snacks, copying, and other costs of conducting the programming contest.





Email Charles Hoot or Michael Rogers with a subject line of "CCSC:CP Programming Contest Registration", and the following information:

  1. School Name
  2. Coach Contact Information
  3. For each team:
    1. Team Name
    2. Member Name / Member Email 1
    3. Member Name / Member Email 2
    4. Member Name / Member Email 3
    5. Ranking (1 = Accept first, 2 = Accept second, etc.): we will accept the top rank first, and then accept lower ranking teams as room permits

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