Consortium News

2016 Spring Election Results

The CCSC Spring 2016 elections were held during the month of May. This year included the biennial election for Vice President. The entire membership of the Consortium voted for this position, and Jeff Lehman from the Midwest region was elected. The Vice President term runs from August 1, 2016, until July 31, 2018, immediately followed by a two-year term as President.

Regional Representatives up for election this year included the Midsouth, the Northeastern, and the Rocky Mountain regions. Members from each of these regions voted for their representative via a separate ballot. The result of the election are as follows:

  • Midsouth Regional Representative: David Naugler
  • Northeastern Regional Representative: Lawrence D’Antonio
  • Rocky Mountain Regional Representative: Mohamed Lotfy

The term for these representatives will run from August 1, 2016, until July 31, 2019.

We would like to express our appreciation to Karina Assiter, out-going Rocky Mountain Representative, for the service and hard work she invested on behalf of the CCSC membership.

2016 Distinguished Service Award

The CCSC presented the 2016 CCSC Distinguished Service Award to George Benjamin and Ingrid Russell during the CCSC General Business meeting held on March 4, 2016. George has been the long-time associate editor of the Journal. Ingrid has been active in the Northeast region and has served as the CCSC President. (Read more…)

A list of previous awardees and the nomination procedures for this award may be found here.