Aldebaran Robotics


Social robotics is an emerging industry that utilizes advanced technology in an effort to improve the lives of our fast growing population. Now more than ever, educators and researchers are using this technology to teach, inspire and prepare future innovators.

Aldebaran strives to incorporate the importance of learning through projects based on coding and instructional technology. Our robots are designed to be cute, interactive, emotional and constantly evolving. These social robots are the first step in a new era of robotics and technology in our world.

Our NAO robot has been designed with all the tools and capabilities for students and researchers to create and develop meaningful interactions. In the process, students are coding and programming as well as developing analytical and critical thinking processes. With over 5,000 robots being used in 70 countries across the world, NAO is becoming a standard platform for robotic development.

Join the community of pioneers who have embraced the movement to social robotics.