The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges

The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges contains the conference proceedings for each of the regional conference sponsored by CCSC. It is distributed to faculty in over 200 colleges. Past issues of the journal have included articles such as:

  • CS Accreditation Update

  • Putting More Science into Computer Science I

  • Teaching Ada at the Senior Level

  • Ethical and Professional Issues in Computing

  • Closed Laboratories in an Entry-Level C Programming Course

  • Computing Curricula at a Community College

  • Conducting User-Friendly Internet Workshops

  • Campus Data Networks: A Case Study

  • Non-Isomorphic AVL-Trees

  • Experiences with Scheme in a Liberal Arts Computing Course


Past issues of the Journal are archived in the ACM's Digital Library. There is open access to the CCSC archive section of the Digital Library. For your convienence, you can also access the library by conference proceeding. Note: You need an ACM account to access these documents. If you don't have one you can sign up for a free account, it is simple and easy!

Submission Guidelines:

  • General Guidelines for Manuscript Preparation (PDF)

  • Manuscript Formatting (PDF)

  • MS Word Manuscript Template (DOCX)

  • Copyright Release Form (PDF)

Guidelines for Regional Paper Chairs (PDF)

For print copies of back issues of the Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, contact:

Dr. William Mitchell
1455 S. Greenview Ct.
Shelbyville, IN  46176

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