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2018 conference information

2018 conference program

Student Poster Information

Student Poster Submission Instructions

Send a plain text email message to: Dr. Shyam Karrah, with the following information:

  1. To:
  2. Subject: CCSC:SC Student Poster Submission
  3. Body of email:
    1. NAME(s): List the name (or names) of all student presenters. List name as "first_name middle_initial last_name". Separate all names with a comma. The first name listed should be the primary contact for the project. All presenters must be undergraduate students.
    2. CONTACT INFORMATION: Give the name, e-mail, physical mailing address, and phone number where the primary student contact may be reached.
    3. TITLE OF PROJECT: Give the title of your project.
    4. SCHOOL AFFILIATION: Name the school that you attend.
    5. FACULTY ADVISOR: Give the name and contact information for the faculty member that advised you on your project and who has agreed to recommend that your poster be submitted to the South Central regional conference of the CCSC. Please note: A faculty member may recommend no more than six poster submissions per year.
    6. PROJECT ABSTRACT: This should be a summary of your project including the problem and motivation, background, solution, and results.
  4. All student poster submissions must be emailed by April 2, 2018.

Student Poster Presentations

  1. Students arriving at the conference with posters must check in at the registration table to receive instructions about poster display.
  2. All posters must be set up for display by 2:00pm on Friday, April 6, 2018. Students are expected to be present at their poster for judging which will take place on Friday, April 6th, time to be announced on program.
  3. Awards and prizes for posters will given at the banquet on Friday evening.
  4. Questions? Contact Shyam Karrah by e-mail or by phone: (972) 883-4197.
  5. Student poster awards are generously provided by Upsilon Pi Epsilon the International Honor Society for Computing and Information Disciplines.