Cooperative Learning Workshop--CCSC:SW 2010

Cooperative Learning for CS1 and Beyond: Making it Work for You

Leland L. Beck
Department of Computer Science
San Diego State University
Alexander W. Chizhik
School of Teacher Education
San Diego State University
Cooperative learning is a well-known instructional strategy with many significant benefits for students. This workshop is designed to help you make the transition to using cooperative learning, so that you can enjoy the benefits of this technique in your own classes. We will focus on practical issues such as course planning, methods for guiding group processes, and other concerns brought up by participants, combining a theoretical framework with actual experiences from the classroom. The cooperative learning principles and workshop activities will be applicable throughout the curriculum. Workshop participants will also receive a complete set of class-tested cooperative learning activities that have raised test scores in CS1 by 25% at our institution. No prior experience with cooperative learning is necessary.
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