Established: 1999

1. Election of the Regional Board

a. Nominations for membership on the Regional Board can be made by any voting member of the Region (as defined by the By-laws and standing rules of the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges).

b. Nominees must be voting members of the Northwest region.

c. Membership on the Regional Board is open to all members of the CCSC NW.

d. The number of Regional Board members may be no more than 20.

e. A simple majority of the Regional Board members shall constitute a quorum.

2. Removing and Adding Members

A new member may be added to the Regional Board if nominated by a member, seconded by another member, and elected by a majority at a regularly scheduled Regional Board meeting.

A member may be removed for cause (e.g. inactivity) from the Regional Board at the request of one member, seconded by another member, and approved by a majority at a regularly scheduled Regional Board meeting. If the removed member is to be replaced by a new member, the method in the previous paragraph will then be used.

The above actions may also be taken by mail (physical or electronic) but a 2/3 majority of the membership is needed for addition or removal.

A new elected position may be established on the Regional Board at the request of one board member, seconded by another member, and approved by a 2/3 majority of the board. Any new elected position must then be added to the bylaws along with appropriate term and election years in article III.

3. Officers and Standing Members

The officers of the Regional Board are the Regional Representative, who also serves as the de facto Board Chair hereafter referred to as Chair (see rule 4), Treasurer, Secretary, Editor, and Membership Officer. The term of each office is three years.

The chair at the January board meeting will appoint an ad hoc election committee. The committee will call for nominations (email ok) from the regional membership not later than 2 weeks past the January board meeting. The election committee will verify nominations (eligible and willing to serve) before the mailing of ballots by March 15th. Write in candidates are allowed on the ballots. Elections will be closed April 1st. The election will be run via electronic transmission (preferred) or postal mail. The nominee receiving the highest number of votes wins. In the event of a tie, the regional chair casts the tie-breaking vote. The election committee chair will notify winners and losers no later than April 8th.  Elected members take office at the May board meeting.

Officers may also be terminated by resignation or removal (as specified in Rule 2). If necessary, the Chair may appoint an officer temporarily if that office becomes vacant and there is need for its immediate occupancy.

Standing members include the Conference chairs for the last, current, and next year conferences, and the Site chairs for the current and next conferences, and the past Board chair (one year only).

The board will appoint a webmaster for the region web site.

The regional registrar is a position filled by the current conference chair.

4. Regional Representative

One member of the NW region will be elected as Regional Representative in years where year modulus 3 is 2 for a three-year term on the Board of Directors of the CCSC. The Regional Representative will also serve as chair of the Regional Board.

The national CCSC board is responsible for this election. The elected representative will take office as Regional Board Chair at the May board meeting following the election. The term of regional representative does not commence until the start of the national CCSC fiscal year, (see national bylaws Article VI.7).

5. Duties of the Officers and Regional Representative

a. The Chair is the principal officer and is responsible for leading the Regional Board and managing its activities. The duties of the Chair are:

i. To call and preside at Regional Board meetings;

ii. To conduct the Regional Board's meetings activities in accordance with the bylaws and standing rules;

iii. To make all appointments and fill vacancies as authorized herein;

iv. To appoint all standing and ad hoc committees;

v. To coordinate the responsibilities, duties, and activities of the other officers and the regional representative; and

vi. To act as official spokesperson for the Regional Board.

b. The duties of the Treasurer are:

i. To manage the Regional Board's finances. This includes preparing the annual budget, monitoring the Board's disbursements for adherence to the annual budget, and preparing financial reports as required; and

ii. To report the Board's finances to members at the January meeting.

c. The duties of the Secretary are:

i. To keep and distribute full minutes of all Regional Board meetings; and

ii. To assure that a quorum is present at the beginning of each meeting.

d. The duties of the Editor are:

i. To coordinate the jobs of the Papers Chair, and the Workshop/Tutorials/Panels Chair;

ii. To maintain the current copies of all forms and communication templates necessary for the conference; and

iii. To maintain the procedures that should be followed regarding the communication between presenters and conference chairs.

e. The duties of the Membership Officer are:

i. To collect names of faculty to add to the Consortium's database;

ii. To recruit more regional members and conference attendees;

iii. To maintain an electronic list of faculty who have attended the conference, are interested in attending the conference, or have requested information about the conference; and

iv. To be the contact person for people interested in the regional consortium and the regional conference.

v. To be the contact person for vendors interested in the regional consortium and the regional conference.

f. The duties of the Regional Representative (who also serves as the Chair - see 5a) are:

i. To represent the best interests of the Northwestern Region at the CCSC by promoting an understanding of the needs of the region through national and inter-regional communication;

ii. To act as a liaison between the Northwestern Region, the CCSC, and the other regional boards so that a better understanding of each other's operation and current issues may occur;

iii. To inform the Regional Board of the activities of the CCSC.