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Steering Committee Meeting Minutes



(Adopted 2003)

ARTICLE I - Name and Object

The name of the organization shall be: Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges: South Central Region. The object of the organization shall be to provide one yearly conference in the South Central Region of the United States which will be supported by and endorsed by the constitution and by-laws of the Consortium for Computing in Small Colleges hereafter referred to as CCSC.

ARTICLE II - Membership

Members will be those persons who are members of the CCSC who have selected the South Central Region as their region for purposes of CCSC Voting.

ARTICLE III -- Governing Body and Duties

The governing body of the South Central Region will be known as the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee shall consist of nine duly elected members and the regional representative to the Board of the CCSC. With the exception of the regional representative, the term of office will be three years or the remaining time of a vacated office. Elections for three positions shall be held each year. The responsibilities of the Steering Committee will include selecting the site and date of each conference, preparing amendments to the conference bylaws, selecting the Conference Committee and selecting the Conference Program Chair.

ARTICLE IV -- Meetings

The South Central Region shall support one annual conference at which the Steering Committee will also meet. One other meeting of the Steering Committee shall also be held annually in conjunction with the planning for the next conference.

ARTICLE V -- How to amend the by-laws.

These by-laws may be amended by following the rules for amending the constitution and by-laws of the CCSC.

ARTICLE VI -- Standing Rules

Standing rules shall be defined and modified by the Steering Committee.


Standing Rules

STANDING RULES (Not being voted upon by membership, but published to show how the by-laws might be implemented.) 

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