The 13th CCSC Southwest Region Conference

March 20-21, 2020

Paper Session I

Using Animations to Teach String Matching Effectively
Daniel Liang, Lixin Li and Weitian Tong, Georgia Southern University

Incorporating Arduino Labs into a CS0 Course
Ingrid Russell, Carolyn Rosiene and Aaron Gold, University of Hartford

Paper Session II

Experience Report: Preemptive Final Exams for Computer Science Theory Classes
Michael Shindler, UC Irvine, and Matthew Ferland, Aaron Cote and Olivera Gruji, USC

Simplifying Teaching Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with Hands-on Application in a Web Development Course
Bryan Dixon, California State University Chico

Paper Session III

Plagiarism Prevention through Project Based Learning with GitLab
Giovanni Gonzalez Araujo, Angelo Kyrilov, University of California, Merced

Creating a More Equitable CS Course through Peer-Mentoring
Fode Made Adamou and Hasan Abeer, Humboldt State University

Paper Session IV

Curated Pathways to Innovation: Personalized CS Education to Promote Diversity
Natalie Linnell, Alankrita Dayal, Phil Gonsalves, Mayank Kakodkar, Ariel Starr, Bruno Ribiero, Tim Urdan and Janice Zdankus, Santa Clara University

An Industry-Academic Partnership That Prepares Black and Latinx Undergraduate Juniors for High-Tech Careers April Alvarez, Legand Burge, Shameeka Emanuel, Ann Gates, Sally Goldman, Jean M. Griffin, Harry Keeling, Bianca Okafor, Alycia Onowho and Gloria Washington, Google et al

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