The 9th CCSC Southwest Region Conference

March 25-26, 2016

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  Paper Session I
Session Chair: TBD

Paper Title: Are Computer Information Technology Majors Different Than Computer Science Majors in Personality, Learning Style, or Academic Performance?
Author: Wen Chin Hsu, California State University, Northridge
Author: G. Michael Barnes, California State University, Northridge

Paper Title: Scrum in the Undergraduate Computer Science Curriculum
Author: Osvaldo Jimenez, University of the Pacific
Author: Daniel Cliburn, University of the Pacific
  Paper Session II
Session Chair: TBD

Paper Title: Automatic Feedback Systems for Code: What Can They Tell the Busy Instructor
Author: Bruce Char, Drexel University

Paper Title: Code Isolation for Accurate Performance Scoring using Raspberry Pis
Author: Bryan Dixon, California State University Chico

Paper Title: Do Students Need Detailed Feedback on Programming Exercises and can Automated Assessment Systems Provide It?
Author: Angelo Kyrilov, University of California, Merced


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