Undergraduate students are invited to present their best work – including research projects, creative works, multidisciplinary projects, and capstone projects – in the Student Showcase. Team and individual submissions are welcome.



Submissions will be judged in two categories:

    • The Discovery track is for undergraduate scholarship that produces new knowledge


  • The Application track is for works that apply computing in interesting ways





The Student Showcase welcomes traditional posters as well as other forms of display.

To submit a project for consideration for the student showcase, 
please fill out this Google form.
Please note that a 150-300 word description of the project is required.

Accepted student showcase submissions will be judged by computing professionals based on the following qualities. Sample questions are provided for guidance.

  • clear goals (“What is the goal of this work? What problem are you solving?”)
  • adequate preparation (“How did you get ready to do this work?”)
  • appropriate methods (“How did you solve your problem? Why did you approach the problem in this way?”)
  • significant results (“What was the result of this work? Who is affected by this work?”)
  • effective presentation (“How well does this poster or demonstration communicate what is important about this work?”)
  • reflective critique (“What would you do differently? What does this mean for you and your career?”)

Submissions are due September 20, 2019. For more information contact:

Paul Gestwicki (ude.u1563761048sb@ik1563761048ciwts1563761048egvp1563761048)
Student Showcase Chair
Ball State University

Showcase participants must Register for the full conference student rate.