2019 Conference Committee

2019 CCSC:MW Conference Committee

(as of 6/28/2019)


Conference Chair: Deborah Hwang, University of Evansville

Vice-Chair: Jeff Lehman, Huntington University

Site Chair 2019: Grace Mirsky, Benedictine University


Authors: Saleh Alnaeli, University of Wisconsin-Stout

Jeff Lehman, Huntington University

Nifty Tools & Assignments: Cyrus Grant, Dominican University

PanelsTutorials, & Workshops: Kris Roberts, Ivy Tech Community College

Papers: Bob Beasley, Franklin College

Past Chair: Scott Anderson, University of Southern Indiana

Programming Contest: Jonathan Geisler, Taylor University

Paul Talaga, University of Indianapolis

Publicity: David Largent, Ball State University

Registrar: Mary Jo Geise, The University of Findlay

Janet Helwig, Dominican University

Speakers: Stefan Brandle, Taylor University

Scott Anderson, University of Southern Indiana

Student Showcase: Paul Gestwicki, Ball State University

Treasurer: Scott Anderson, University of Southern Indiana

Two-year College Liaison: Kris Roberts, Ivy Tech Community College

Mark Hall, University of Wisconsin-Marathon County

Vendors: Takako Soma, Illinois College

Webmaster: Zaid Altahat, University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Works-in-Progress: Saverio Perugini, University of Dayton


Regional Representative: Cathy Bareiss, Bethel University

CCSC At-Large Board Member: Sean Joyce, Heidelberg University





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