Call for student showcase projects

One of the highlights of the annual CCSC Midwest Conference is the Student Showcase, which is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their best work to faculty and other students from around the region. Moving the conference online necessitates shifting our traditional face-to-face showcase to an online mode.

To qualify for submission to the Student Showcase:

  • The entry must be original work of an undergraduate student or team of undergraduates.
  • The work was supervised by one or more faculty members.
  • The work was completed in the last twelve months at one of the colleges within the CCSC Midwest region.
  • The student, or at least one member of the student team, is registered for the CCSC:MW 2021 Conference. (We recommend participating in the Programming Competition as well!)
  • The entry must be received by 11:59PM EDT on September 11, 2021.

Interested students will classify their work into one of two categories. The Applications Track is for interesting, novel, or noteworthy applications of computing science. This track is usually selected for work that is best displayed as a demonstration of a working system. The Discovery Track is for projects that contributed new understanding to the body of computing science knowledge. This track is usually selected for work that is displayed on a poster or in a research paper. In either case, projects can be completed individually or as part of a team.

Regardless of track, all work is judged on the same six criteria.  These criteria are adapted from Scholarship Assessed (Glassick et al. 1997) and provide guidance for evaluating any form of scholarship. Sample reflective questions are provided for each criterion.

  1. Clear Goals: What is the goal of this work? What problem are you solving
  2. Adequate Preparation: How did you get ready to do this work?
  3. Appropriate Methods: How did you solve your problem? Why did you approach the problem this way?
  4. Significant Results: What was the result of this work? Who is affected by this work?
  5. Effective Presentation: How well does this poster, demonstration, or presentation communicate what is important about this work?
  6. Reflective Critique: What would you do differently? What does this mean for you and your future?

For the CCSC:MW 2021 Online Student Showcase, student entrants can choose one of the following three options for their submission.

  • Submit a three- to five-minute video presentation that summarizes the project. This must be submitted as a URL that any conference attendee can access.
  • Submit a 750 word abstract that explains the project. This must be submitted in plain text.
  • Submit a research poster or brochure that can be downloaded as a PDF and viewed online. This is a conventional way of expressing research findings at an academic conference, but keep in mind that in an online showcase, you cannot control the medium by which people will read your work: smartphone, laptop, large monitor.

This year, every conference attendee will have the opportunity to judge the Student Showcase entries. We value all attendees’ participation, and faculty and professional attendees will be given a 3X weight to their scores to reflect their expertise. The results and feedback will be tallied, and we hope to get you the results soon after the conference.

To submit your work to the CCSC Midwest 2021 Online Student Showcase, go to