Student Programming Contest

To participate in the CCSC:MW 2021 undergraduate student programming contest, each team should be sure all participating students are registered for the conference and submit this form ONCE per team.  This form provides information so the organizers can set up accounts for the competition software. Unlike past competitions, teams may use as many computers as they wish, but only one can be used to submit solutions.


Teams must register by September 24th (1 week before the conference) in order to compete.


The competition will be held virtually using a coding competition website

  • Teams may be comprised of 1-3 undergraduate students
  • Two categories of teams will be used:
    Novice – All members of the team must have completed two or fewer programming courses.
    Experienced – No restrictions on the number of courses.
  • Four programming languages are allowed:
    C, C++, Java, Python3
  • Video, audio, or text conferencing between team members is allowed, as is any file transfer.
  • Internet access is allowed – Due to the virtual nature of the competition, any team member may use resources online.  The judges reserve the right to question the authorship of any submitted solution and disqualify a submitted solution, and/or disqualify a team from future submissions for a particular problem.


Each team MUST have a faculty advisor registered for the conference.