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Category Amount Late/On-site Amount
General Author/Presenter $150**
K-12 Author/Presenter $55**
General Attendee $150 $175
Retired Attendee $75*** $175***
K-12 Attendee $55 $55
Student Attendee (Friday & Saturday) – Includes participation in all student contests $45 $45
Student Attendee (Saturday only) – Includes participation in all student contests $20 $20
Vendor $135
National Partner Vendor $0  
Career Fair Recruiter (Saturday only) $50
  • *We cannot accept cash payments this year, sorry!
  • **Presenters must register and pay before January 15th, 2022.
  • ***Must be 62 years of age or over, and retired from full time employment

Please note that cancellation requests must be made before the end of the early registration period. Regrettably, cancellations received after that date cannot be honored. The conference committee recognizes that sometimes last minute cancellations can’t be avoided due to weather, travel disruptions, and/or health issues. However, the conference incurs expenses for which it is liable based on registration counts during the early registration period. Therefore, no refunds are possible after early registration closes for any reason.

For any questions or difficulties you encounter when registering, please contact the webmaster.

For any questions regarding the conference, please contact a committee member.