Student Paper Submissions

The Central Plains region seeks to encourage student projects and research by providing a forum for them to present their work. Student papers will be accepted for presentation during the conference and will be posted on the CCSC: Central Plains web site. Student papers will not be published in the
Journal. Both undergraduate and graduate students may submit papers.

Note: All papers submitted should be the original work of the student. Mentoring faculty may be acknowledged in the body of the paper but should not be included in the list of authors.

Paper Formatting Instructions

Students papers should be formatted as professional academic papers. As such, the paper must:

  • Include an abstract of between 100 and 350 words that describes the work.
  • Include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion/summary.
  • If a research paper, discuss related work.
  • Discuss methods, techniques, and results in the body. The content of the body, of course, will depend upon whether the paper addresses a development project or a research project. The body of the paper should be organized using appropriate subsections.
  • Provide appropriate reference to works that are not the author’s work. The reference style may follow an accepted form or style (eg., MLA, AMA, Chicago Style, for example). You may also follow the reference style for a computing journal. When in doubt, choose the reference style of the Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges.
  • Be 10 pages or shorter

An example of a professional paper formatted for the Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges may be found at: Use this paper as a guide as you format your paper.

Paper Submission

All papers should be submitted as a PDF file by the submission date listed on the conference web page under Deadlines. Non-PDF submissions will not be considered for presentation.

Papers should submitted by email to The subject line of the email should read “CCSC: Student Paper Submission”. The body of the email should list the paper’s title, the paper’s authors, each author’s school affiliation, each author’s email address, and the supervising or mentoring
faculty member and their school affiliation. In addition, the email should identify one author as the lead author with whom all communication will take place. The submission email should come from this person.

2024 Student Papers

Student Papers for 2024 conference will be posted here.

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