Thank you for considering a submission to our conference: it will be all the better for your participation. We are accepting submissions for papers, panels, tutorials, workshops, nifty assignments, and lightning talks.

Students are also encouraged to participate: we have separate categories for student papers and posters.

A detailed description of all these categories may be found here.

presentations given to audience

Submission is an Easy 3-Step Process

  • Develop your manuscript (for papers) or abstract (for proposals for panels, tutorials, workshops, nifty assignments, and lightning talks). Papers must be 10 pages or less, and as brevity is the soul of wit, authors are strongly encouraged — for the sake of reviewers and future readers — to restrict submissions to 7 pages or less.

  • Make sure that your submission is properly formatted to CCSC’s guidelines, in length and layout. To do so, please visit this repository for sample templates and additional instructions.

  • Submit your manuscript at our submission portal

Notes for Accepted Presenters

  • With the manuscript submission, a copyright release (scroll down to the Copyright Release Form section) will be required. All author(s) will be needed  to fill out a release for the manuscript to be published in a CCSC publication. Once the information is filled out, please submit it in PDF form.

  • All papers must be 10 pages or less.

  • Only those works that are presented at the conference will appear in the ACM digital library.