Website Credits

Website Credits: Thank you St. Charles Community College (SCCC) for choosing  for your Beyond HTML class! This group project began in Spring of 2018. Students designed the core content for the website as part of in-class work. This project was truly a team effort! The site went “live” in July of 2018.

Project Manager

  • Jane E. O’Donnell – SCCC Professor, Multi-Media & Web Design
  • Julia Eudy – SCCC Adjunct Instructor, Multi-Media & Web Design

 Beyond HTML Spring 2018

  • Ryan Edwards|Linkedin
  • Jessica Freitag
  • Paul Meyer  | Linkedin
  • Melissa Patton
  • Tomoki Poth
  • Michael Schlag
  • Dylan Ransom
  • Lindsey Schnarre
  • Colin Skinner