The Consortium was incorporated as a non-profit organization in Evansville, Indiana, in Fall 1985 as the Consortium for Computing in Small Colleges under the direction of Will Mitchell, who along with Wally Roth and Christine Shannon formed the Board of Incorporation. Its purpose was to publish articles and papers related to computing from small institutions. The first issue of the Journal of Computing in Small Colleges was mimeographed and distributed to over 200 faculty in October 1985. It contained 32 pages and five papers.

The first CCSC conference was held in what is now the Southeastern region in Fall 1987, modeled after the Eastern Small College Computing Conference (ESCCC) which had begun in 1985. New regions and conferences were organized as attendees moved to other regions or wanted to organize a conference closer to their institutions. The South Central conference began in Spring 1990, and the Rocky Mountain conference followed in Fall 1992.

Instead of waiting for regions to form, Will Mitchell began to invite participants to form regions. The first Midwest conference was held in Fall 1994 and the Central Plains conference began in Spring 1996. Despite the concerns of the ESCCC, the Northeastern region was formed, and its first conference was held in 1996. The first Northwestern conference was in Fall 1999. The ESCCC eventually joined the Consortium as the Eastern region in 2001.

In 2002, in recognition that small programs in larger schools have similar issues as programs in small schools, the organization name was changed to the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges (retaining the CCSC moniker). After some tension regarding how new regions are formed, the Midsouth region was accepted into the Consortium in 2005 after several successful conferences. The tenth region, the Southwestern region, was formed in 2008. The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges currently is published as ten digital issues per year containing over 100 papers presented at the regional conferences.

Based on presentation notes written by Will Mitchell

Past CCSC Presidents

Originally, CCSC Presidents served a three-year period, one year as President-Elect, one year as President, and one year as Past President. In 2006, the term was changed to a four-year period, two years as Vice President/President-Elect and two years as President.

Name Home Region Term
Scott Sigman Central Plains 2023-2024
Chris Healy Southeastern 2022-2023
Karina Assiter Rocky Mountain 2020-2022
Jeff Lehman Midwest 2018–2020
Hala ElAarag Southeastern 2016–2018
Scott Sigman Central Plains 2014–2016
Laura Baker South Central 2012–2014
Robert Neufeld Central Plains 2010–2012
Myles McNally Midwest 2008–2010
Susan Dean Southeastern 2006–2008
Jim Aman Midwest 2005–2006
Rob Bryant Northwestern 2004–2005
Paul Myers South Central 2003–2004
Curt White Midwest 2002–2003
Ingrid Russell Northeastern 2001–2002
Matthew Dickerson Northeastern 2000–2001
Charles Howerton Rocky Mountain 1999–2000
Susan Dean Southeastern 1998–1999
Paul Myers South Central 1997–1998
Paul Haiduk South Central 1996–1997
Sue Fitzgerald Central Plains 1995–1996
Dick Hull Southeastern 1994–1995
John Rabung Southeastern 1993–1994
Barbara Owens South Central 1992–1993
John Meinke Southeastern 1991–1992
Gail Miles Southeastern 1990–1991
Frank Cheatham No regionalization 1989–1990
Doris Appleby No regionalization 1988–1989
Wally Roth No regionalization 1987–1988
Aryland Eyle
Will Mitchell
No regionalization 1986–1987
Will Mitchell No regionalization 1985–1986
CCSC Presidents at SIGCSE 2013

Back row (left to right): Gail Miles, Will Mitchell, Bob Neufeld, Barbara Owens, Sue Fitzgerald,
John Meinke, Susan Dean, Rob Bryant
Front row (left to right): Dick Hull, Curt White, Paul Myers