CCSC Susan Dean Distinguished Service Award

The CCSC Distinguished Service Award was established in 2009 to recognize and honor individuals who have a long history of meritorious and significant service to the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges. In October 2019, the CCSC Board changed the name of the award to the CCSC Susan Dean Distinguished Service Award in honor and memory of Susan Dean, the first award recipient.

The following persons have received this award.

Eligibility Criteria

All members of the Consortium with a record of service to the organization are eligible to receive this award. This service may take many forms, such as leadership at the national or regional level, conference organization, or outreach efforts. Qualification is enhanced by the level and number of contributions, excellence, dedication, and tenure of service. Currently serving elected and appointed board members must have served a minimum of 9 years on the board to be eligible.

Nomination Procedures

Nominations are due by May 1 each year for consideration at the Fall Board meeting. Nominations may be made by any individual member of the Consortium and are sent to the Service Recognition Committee at .

Nominations are to consist of the following:

  • A complete nomination specifying the candidate’s name, affiliation and contact information, and a summary of the candidate’s service to the CCSC, and
  • At least 2 letters of support from current or former members (including the nominator) of the Consortium on behalf of the candidate documenting meritorious service.

Service Recognition Committee

The Service Recognition Committee is a standing committee of the National Board consisting of two (2) elected members of the Board and one CCSC member who does not currently serve on the board. Committee members will be nominated by the President and approved by the board at the Spring Board Meeting. Member’s terms will run from the close of the Annual Meeting of the Membership in the year they are approved by the board until the close of the Annual Meeting of the Membership three years later. The committee will ensure that all nomination materials are in order, review the nominations, and recommend up to six (6) nominations to the National Board at the Fall Board Meeting.

The current Committee members and term expiration are:

  • Kevin Treu, Chair, 2024
  • Mohamed Lotfy, 2025
  • Amos Gichamba, 2026

Award Selection and Presentation

Selection of recipients of this award will be made by the National Board from those recommended by the Service Recognition Committee at the Fall National Board Meeting. Up to three (3) persons may be selected each year. Presentation of this award will be made by a representative of the Board at the Annual Business meeting or at a Regional Conference as appropriate.