CCSC Email Forwarders

Email forwarders have been established at for elected and appointed Board positions, for the positions of Representative, Registrar, Editor, Treasurer, and Webmaster for each region, and for mailing lists. These forwarders are used as contact email addresses on the website instead of personal email addresses. To determine who currently holds national positions, consult the Board of Directors page. For regional officers, consult the Regions page.

Address Recipient
All Associate Editors of the Journal
The entire extended board list as posted at the Board of Directors page
All regional editors
All regional treasurers
All regional registrars
All regional representatives to the National Board
All regional webmasters
CCSC Comptroller
CCSC Conference Coordinator
CCSC Membership Secretary and Membership System Administrator
CCSC Vice President/President-Elect, serving as Secretary
CCSC Membership Secretary
CCSC National Partners Chair
CCSC Treasurer, Comptroller, and Membership Secretary
CCSC President
CCSC Publications Chair
Chair of the Service Recognition Committee
CCSC Membership System Administrator
CCSC Treasurer and Associate Treasurer
CCSC Vice President
CCSC Webmaster

The regional forwarders start with the "usual" two-letter abbreviation for each region:

Prefix Region
cp Central Plains
ea Eastern
ms Midsouth
mw Midwest
ne Northeastern
nw Northwestern
rm Rocky Mountain
sc South Central
se Southeastern
sw Southwestern

followed by the position:

Suffix Position
Rep Board Representative
Editor Regional Editor
Registrar Regional Registrar
Treasurer Regional Treasurer
Webmaster Regional Webmaster

Thus, for example, the forwarder for the Midwest Representative is "", which goes to Jeff Lehman currently.