CCSC Membership Information

Membership Description

Membership is intended for those interested in the issues associated with the teaching of computer-oriented or computer-supported courses at institutions of higher education. Such individuals are typically faculty who teach about or with computers, or individuals involved in the support or delivery of academic computing services. Only members may hold office in the Consortium.

Membership Benefits

All members receive the Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges. Six issues each year present refereed papers from ten regional CCSC conferences.  Membership last for at least 24 months.

Membership Renewal

Consortium membership is included in any CCSC conference registration. For those who miss a conference, or wish to join CCSC without attending a conference, online membership renewal is available on-line or by postal mail.

On-line Renewal (preferred)

On-line renewal is preferred and available at our Membership Renewal site (link opens in a new window/tab). Credit card payment is required.

Please note that this site is not the same as any conference registration site, so if you have not used this site before, you will need to create an account first, then log in to complete the renewal process. Also please note that all ConfTool sites were reset in March 2022, so if you created an account in a prior year, you will need to create an account again before logging in.

Renewal by Mail

The Consortium strongly encourages renewal via the on-line renewal site. However, if you are unable to do so, please print out the Application Form and mail it to the CCSC Membership Secretary as instructed.

For additional information please contact Cathy Bareiss, the national CCSC Membership Secretary: .