President’s Messages

Fall 2014

A new semester is upon us once again. I suspect that many of you, like me, are in the process of wrapping up summer projects, putting the touches on fall syllabi, and in general engaged in the minutiae that constitute getting ready for a new school year. As I write this letter in the midst of all the preparation work, it occurs to me that the purpose of the Consortium is to support the tasks in which each of us are presently engaged. To this end the Consortium will sponsor conferences in 10 regions this year where CCSC members can glean new ideas, network with others who are facing similar challenges, and celebrate both individual and student successes together. In addition, we will publish 6 issues of the Journal Computing Sciences in Colleges, each containing valuable insights into computer science education.

There are many ways to participate in CCSC activities this year. We all have contributions to make based upon what we do in the classroom. Write a paper, propose a panel, submit a lightening talk, or offer to conduct a workshop. Regions can always use more people to review papers. Offer to be a reviewer in your region or one of the other regions. Encourage your students’ to participate in one of the student contests hosted by the various regions. Above all, pick a conference or two and attend!

This is a year of transition among the national officers serving on the CCSC Board. Laura Baker, after years of dedicated and capable service, has completed her term as President. Hala ElAarag will begin her term as Vice President and in two years will transition to President. After many years of service as CCSC Treasurer, Bill Myers is retiring. Susan Dean will be stepping up to serve as Treasurer and Judy Mullins will be filling the Associate Treasurer position. Likewise, after many years of service on the Board, Bob Neufeld is stepping down from the Membership Secretary’s position. Tim McGuire will be stepping in to serve as Membership Secretary.

The Board will have two new regional representatives this year. After many years of service as Representative of the Eastern Region, Liz Adams is retiring. John Wright is the new representative for that region. Colleen Lewis is stepping down as the Southwest Regional Representative. Megan Thomas is the new regional representative While not new to the board, Jeff Lehman and Judy Mullins were reelected as Midwest Regional Representative and Central Plains Regional Representative, respectively.

On behalf of the membership of the Consortium I would like to extend our thanks for their service and hard work to those who are stepping down from the Board. Likewise, I would like to extend our thanks to those who are stepping into new positions for their commitment and willingness to serve.

The Board will meet this year on November 13, 2014 at the Eastern Regional Conference in York, Pennsylvania and on March 4, 2015 at the SIGCSE Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. The Annual CCSC Business Meeting will be held on March 6 during the SIGCSE Conference. Questions or concerns may be directed to the board through your regional representative or directly to Board officers. A complete roster of the Board with contact information is found on the CCSC web site and is published in the Journal.

In closing I would like to thank Deborah Hwang, CCSC Webmaster, for her hard work over the summer redesigning the CCSC web site. On behalf of the Board I would like to thank each of you for helping to make CCSC successful. The challenge from the Board to you is to either stay involved or to become involved in the life of the CCSC this year.

Scott Sigman, President
August 2014