CCSC Board of Directors

The Consortium is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of elected officers and an elected representative from each CCSC region. The President and Vice-President (who also is the President-Elect) are elected to two-year terms. All other elected officers serve three-year terms. In addition, there are non-voting Board members as needed that are appointed by the President with the approval of the Board.

Elected Officers

Name Office Contact Email
Scott Sigman President (2024)
Bryan Dixon Vice President / President Elect (2024)
Baochuan Lu Publications Chair (2024)
Ed Lindoo Treasurer (2026)
Cathy Bareiss Membership Secretary (2025)

Regional Representatives

Judy Mullins Central Plains Representative (2026)
Michael Flinn Eastern Representative (2026)
David Naugler Midsouth Representative (2025)
David Largent Midwest Representative (2026)
Mark Bailey Northeastern Representative (2025)
Shereen Khoja Northwestern Representative (2024)
Mohamed Lotfy Rocky Mountain Representative (2025)
Tina Johnson South Central Representative (2024)
Kevin Treu Southeastern Representative (2024)
Michael Shindler Southwestern Representative (2026)

Appointed Members

Name Office Contact Email
Bin “Crystal” Peng Associate Editor
Brian Hare Associate Treasurer
George Dimitoglou Comptroller
Megan Thomas Membership System Administrator
Karina Assiter National Partners Chair
Ed Lindoo UPE Liaison
Deborah Hwang Webmaster