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Codio: The All-in-One Cloud Learning Experience

A computer science education platform as much as a textbook

Codio is the platform of choice for CS educators who want to save time, reduce costs, boost student engagement, and gain better learning insights. Codio provides fixed cost, flexible cloud containers that are accessible anywhere, allowing instructors to scale their environment to meet their needs while reducing CS lab investment and maintenance and student VM costs.

When instructors lack the time and tools needed to provide today’s CS students with the learning experience they expect, student engagement and performance suffer. With Codio, Instructors cut time wasted on admin and IT tasks by 20% or more while redirecting over $15,000 worth of admin time to higher-value tasks.

Moreover, instructors grade up to 75% faster and can automate up to 90% of their grading.

“The VM technology, integrated IDE and class monitoring tools are a killer combination. The time savings for students and faculty are huge.”

Mateen Rizki

Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Wright State University

Codio boosts student satisfaction and reduces student attrition with an engaging learning experience and more one-on-one help.

When combined with C-Books—our expertly-curated content adapted from leading Open Education Resources (OER)—the Codio platform offers unparalleled control over the delivery of computer science courses.

Codio features include:

  1. Fully searchable and interactive C-Books expertly curated with interactive examples.
  2. Auto-graded practice exercises, supplementary practical labs, and challenge-based assessments.
  3. Free-form workspaces featuring containerized Ubuntu VMs and a fully-featured IDE.
  4. Rich learning insights for instructors and students.
  5. Seamless LMS integration.

Instructors can begin delivering courses in Codio within just a few days of getting started.

Learn more Codio at To request a demo, a quote, or a free trial, contact Dianne Kelley at or at +1 (781) 724-8985.

“Click on a student’s project and five seconds later I can compile, run and debug without having to unzip or copy and paste it into my own environment. The time I save with this feature alone justifies the Codio platform and gives me back my Sundays.”

Dr. Gordon Fraser

Senior Lecturer, Sheffield University