Turing’s Craft


Practice, Practice, Practice: Learning By Doing

CodeLab Is:

the web-based, interactive programming exercise system for introductory CS courses. In a nutshell, CodeLab:

  • supports C, C++, Java, Python, VB, C#, and JavaScript, with more on the way
  • offers hundreds of short programming exercises in each language
  • smoothes the learning curve by starting each topic with the simplest exercises and then adding sophistication and complexity
  • provides immediate feedback on errors
  • can be used starting on Day 1
  • supports instructor tracking of student work, instructor customization, instructor creation of exercises, and instructor-student communication

CodeLab Numbers:

  • 17 years of class use
  • >300 schools
  • >1000 instructors
  • >2500 classes
  • >250,000 students
  • >100,000,000 submissions checked

CodeLab Testimonial:

I can’t imagine trying to teach introductory programming without this wonderful tool.

— Deborah Trytten,
Professor, University of Oklahoma

CodeLab Numbers:

  • < 2 sec. median response time
  • 99.5% uptime, 24×7 coverage

CodeLab Testimonial:

My students are better programmers because of this tool and I didn’t have to spend as much class time discuss basics.

— Dan Wooster,
Professor, Bob Jones University

CodeLab Outcomes:

  • students master basics on their own
  • instructors focus on higher level topics
  • better student performance, lower attrition

CodeLab Testimonial:

Our students credit … CodeLab for improved marks. Learning by doing has helped the students.

— Jeremy Sills,
Professor, University of Toronto

CodeLab, The Last Word:

CodeLab means I can put computer science back into the CS1 lectures

— Lawrence Angrave,
Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign